A new kind of RPG

While you sleep, your heroes will be training. When you’re eating dinner, they will be raiding dungeons. And when you’re finally ready to pick up your phone and do battle: Dungeon Rush’s online community of thousands of players will be waiting for you. Earn glory in the Arena, Lurk among haunted ruins, and create a clan with your friends! Download for free and get rushing!

What the players say

  • Chris Pinkos
    January 18, 2016

    Dungeon rush Great game I play on multiple servers cant seem to get enough. The game can be pricey but dont have to pay to be good support system is fast and effective . Keep up the good work . Very addictive game.

  • Johnavin Charfauros
    November 25, 2015

    Amazing. I've been searching for a game on the app store like this for YEARS! Grade system on characters & weapons, guilds with guild features, game features itself, auto-combative so you even level up when you're sleeping; it's the perfect combination of features and game play to create the perfect RPG. Server 20 is LIVE with the most peeps! Play and join now :) TopShelf-Jay is my name. 7-th Kingdom Guild!

  • Colin Ferguson
    November 16, 2015

    Hooked Seriously fun !!! Fav game atm , don't need to spend to compete but remember to purchase something to support the team behind this wonderful game to keep updates and content coming , great job !!!! Any chance of merging some of the servers for more competitive wars !!!!